200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Big Island Hawaii

Niroya Yoga offers a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Big Island Hawaii course on the Island of Hawaii rooted in the ancient religious, intellectual, and contemplative traditions of Yoga while also emphasising current physical education, timing, and training strategies.

Yoga Teacher Training Big Island Hawaii

This yoga Hawaii teacher training immerses pupils in the lessons. Along with work and education, we will engage in mindfulness, ritual, and discussion, as well as discuss the implications of these practices and ideas about ourselves as individuals and our society as a whole.

Whether you want to educate your dear ones, make money as a Yoga teacher, or are drawn to enhance your practice, we cordially invite us on this adventure.

An extensive look at the teaching approach, an in-depth examination of all 18 poses, seminars on adjustments/alignment in yoga teacher training Hawaii.

In Hawaii Big island Yoga program ample practice teaching time will round out each of the 18 days we spend together.

Never consider the opportunity for students to spend time alone through nature, meditate, walk, dive, skywatching, and relax tranquilly.

Try to come and spend some time with us while we explore the big island yoga.

What you will learn in this 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Big Island Hawaii?

Our Hawaii yoga teacher training follows a chakra map, beginning at the bottom and ending at the head.

During the big island yoga teacher training, learners will establish their teaching/practice objectives and become familiar with the broad heritage of Yoga, from the Vedas to Buddhism, the Yoga Sutras, Devotional traditions, Vajra Clans, and modern Yoga Schools.

We will explore the infinite layers of the subtle body in the chakra system. Discover Ayurvedic concepts, acquire an understanding of ancient Yoga, and perform Yoga Nidra.

We will study Yoga’s link to strength, energy and integrate the Padma technique and the commerce of Yoga as we go to the belly chakra.


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