200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Boston Massachusetts

Give it a shot and immerse yourself in intensive training, research, and implementation of the rich tradition of Yoga’s teachings. This 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Boston Massachusetts will enable you to broaden your perspective on Yoga both on and off the mat by delving into the historical and religious backgrounds that gave birth to the yogic teachings and understanding how Yoga works in today’s context.

In this program, we will explore yoga theory, which is anchored in holy texts that attempt to explain human existence and guide us into self-realization. Additionally, we will examine Yoga as a modern enterprise and how the study and conduct of yoga link with social equality and revolutionary movements. Our mission is to extract from the eternal principles of Yoga that guide us away from social distress while considering them for our modern society.

Features of 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Boston Massachusetts

  • Our faculty will give you well-rounded training that will assist you in creating your style and personality while also providing you with an anatomically and trauma-informed set of skills.
  • Our goal is to assist you in determining which factors lead to the provision of open and diverse space capable of meeting a wide variety of demands. We’ll look at fundamental features of active and restorative Yoga and know how to deal with groups and people, both in the face and virtually.
  • Students can predict participating with their learning in a variety of ways throughout our period together in order to bring the material to life and accommodate a variety of learning styles – that could include individuals and groups training, lesson, small and large group conversation, interpretations and podcasts, practise teaching, and project work to gain insight into a specific subject.
  • This course is appropriate for students eager in learning after a degree as well as those conducting self-study without the intention of teaching.

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At the end

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