200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training China

Niroya Yoga Classes delivering you the Yoga Alliance Certified 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training China. This training is open to everyone, especially if you have no prior yoga experience. It will last 28 days, and every student receives a globally known and authorized yoga instructor credential at the end.

China and Niroya Yoga Academy are the best combinations of locations for deepening your individual practice and comprehension of Hatha Yoga. Either you want to teach or not, the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training China is a must-do! You will depart with a good base in Hatha Yoga concepts that will help you strengthen your self-practice and teaching skills.

This effective professional development training course provides a thorough understanding of Yoga. The program introduces Patanjali’s eight limbs of Yoga as outlined in the Yoga Sutras. The teacher professional development certification (TTC) covers all areas of yoga, both on and off the mat. As a consequence, the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training China explores Yoga’s physical, spiritual, and ethical elements.

Objectives and Aim of Professional 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training China

Our ambition is to see the world become a happier, healthier, and more peaceful place. We aim to prepare our students in such a way that they will be able to guide and assist people wherever they go, as there are so many people suffering in the world today.

As a result, we offer much healing, therapy, art, and culture practices in our Teacher Training Course. During this time, students will master a variety of skills to prepare for a career as a teacher, including:

  • Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Ideology, Morphology & Symmetry are some of the forms of yoga.
  • Reiki, energy healing, and sound healing are examples of healing techniques.
  • Veda, Therapy, and Relaxation techniques are some of the therapies available.
  • Visit a temple, traditional rites, and a town visit;
  • Herbs garden tour, massage garden tour, mindfulness ashram tour;
  • Organize a class, supervise a classroom, and manage students;
  • Handling the school environment;
  • Cultivating yoga self-practice; Attaining Samadhi;
  • Compassionate work to making this world a better place.

Syllabus for 200 Hour YTT Course

Niroya Yoga Academy has created an amazing 200-hour YTT program. It addresses both on and off the mat components of Yoga. During the 200-hour YTTC, you’ll learn about:

  • 8 limbs of Yoga
  • Yoga philosophy
  • Asanaas
  • Surya Namaskar
  • Pranayaama (this includes nadishodana, bhramari, and kapalbhaati)
  • Meditation
  • Mantras
  • Teaching techniques
  • Adjustments and alignment
  • Anatomy
  • Introduction to Ayurveda


Here above we described all the knowledge regarding this 200 hour ytt course. You can start your teaching journey with us. We will happy to give you complete knowledge about yoga and its forms. So, hurry! join us and contact us for more information on this course.