200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training New York

The 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training New York is the very first level of training that permits you to begin your yoga teaching career anywhere in the globe. Through Niroya Yoga’s teacher training program, you could become a Licensed Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance. This extensive and competent curriculum is intended to prepare you in all areas of yoga, ranging from asanas to kriyas, and to enable you to just be an effective yoga teacher.

At “Niroya yoga Classes,” you will have a life-changing event and will begin your joyful path to brighten your true nature via yoga. This 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training New York will provide you the most in-depth expertise of yoga in every aspect.

In addition, we will clear the right techniques and sequencing in this 4-week yoga course, including important alignments, modifications, contraindications, and usage of fundamental yoga props, as well as hands-on adjustment techniques, instructional strategies, and classroom practices.

This training will assist both beginners and experienced yogis by deepening your yogic understanding and application as well as sharpening your teaching skills. We just want to help you include yoga into your ordinary routine and then become a knowledgeable yoga instructor. So, be ready to embark on an adventurous and gratifying life adventure by registering in the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training New York at Niroya Yoga School.

Why Pick Niroya Yoga Classes for 200 Hour YTT in New York City?

Philosophy and Coursework: We have extensive experience and a strong interest in teaching instructors. Our large program, presented by national and universal yoga masters, is comprehensive and approachable. Acquire from the leaders in the industry.
Wide Range Integration: We train staff about the complete spectrum of Yoga, from its most basic physical anatomical structures to the most delicate and intellectual. With the help of core guardrails, learners are able to establish their own unique approach.
Expertise & Self-belief: Upon graduation, our graduates will have over 30 hours of teaching experience, one-on-one supervision, and the knowledge of teaching a Complete asana class with particular feedback and goals.
Graduates: Our alumni are invited to conduct Public classes and to participate in our Non-Profit Foundation activities.

Course Content for 200 Hour Ytt

  1. Strengthen Your Technique and Learn to Teach Asana
  • Energy and structural alignment considerations
  • Yoga teachers’ anatomical structure
  • Models of the Intuitive Body in Yoga (chakras, koshas, nadis)
  • Classroom organization and scheduling
  • Experiment with lecturing in large and small groups.

2. Hone Your Skills and Teach Pranayama, Pratyahara, and Meditation

  • Pranayama practise and instruction on a systematic basis
  • Strategies for calm and instruction
  • Yoga nidra concept

3. Yoga Psychology and Philosophy: Understanding and Applying

  • Yoga Sutra research
  • The Bhagavad Gita is being studied.
  • The yogic model and mind activities
  • An exposure to Sanskrit, as well as chants and mantras
  • A summary of the yoga tradition’s origin


Here we have read about the 200 Hour yoga teacher training curriculum. If you have any queries related to this particular course, you can directly contact us at our provided number. Hurry! participate in this fantastic yoga journey.