200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Dehradun India

Niroya Yoga Classes offers a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in Dehradun India for people who are interested in the hidden depths of life and its secrets. This 200-hour YTT program gives all of the equipment necessary for ambitious Practitioners to build a strong foundation on which to establish their own distinctive Yogic manifestation. This journey might be a turning point for Yoga students who want to learn more about the ancient tradition, its practices, ideas, and philosophies.

This 200 hour yoga teacher training in Dehradun, India course introduces participants to the principles of yoga philosophy in an organic way. It will aid in the intensification and mastery of Yoga Poses through a deeper knowledge of their subtle impacts on the mind and body.

Human Anatomy and Physiology will provide you with a better understanding of how to deal with different illnesses and accidents. Consistent Pranayaama and Meditation practice, as well as Mantra recitation, can help to cultivate inner strength and balance. This program seeks to provide students a sense of spiritual discipline, food, and purification rituals. This is all intended to help you gain a better grasp of yoga and be a confident and capable Yoga instructor or practitioner.

Introduction – 200 Hour YTT Dehradun India

  • You will study traditional Indian asanas and practises that have matured over centuries.
  • We’ll delve further into the execution and alignment of asanas by studying anatomy and physiology.
  • Comprehension the pieces will lead to a better understanding of the whole, giving you the confidence to practise the asanas safely and to their full potential.
  • To transcend asanas and realise the true goal of Yoga, one must first understand the philosophy of Yoga.
  • To attain and experience the subtle parts of Yoga practise, concentrate on Pranayama, Mantras, and Meditation.

Regular Timetable for Yoga Teacher Training (TTC)

Time Activity

  • 05:30 am : Wake Up
  • 06:00 am : Herbal Tea
  • 06:15 am : Shatkarm/Yoga cleansing
  • 06:30 am : Pranayaama and Mantra Chanting
  • 07:30 am : Yoga Asanas
  • 09:00 am : Breakfast time
  • 10:30 am : Yog Anatomy
  • 11:30 am : Yog Philosophy
  • 12:30 pm : Lunch break
  • 04:30 pm : Yogic Breathing | Yogi Nidra
  • 05:00 pm : Haatha/Ashtaanga Yoga poses
  • 06:45 pm : Pranayaam and Meditation
  • 07:15 pm : Night Meal
  • 10:45 pm : Sleep Time

Who Should Pursue this course?

This course was created by Niroya Yoga Academy qualified Yoga Teachers. They put a lot of stress on the interests of a novice as well as an intermediate Yoga practitioner while creating the course plan. As a result, this course not only assists the newcomer in taking their first steps into the world of Yoga but also assists the advanced practitioner in moving forward with clear guidelines.


This is the best course that will guide you to start your journey of yoga. This 200 hour ytt will help you a lot in mastering this ancient art of India. So, don’t think much, Just contact us as soon as possible to become a yoga expert.