Health Benefits of Balasana Child Pose

Balasana Child Pose Benefits: When the day is finally over and we make our way to our bed, we look for a comfy mattress to ease us to sleep. However, sleep can escape you and you may find yourself twisting and turning. While it’s no surprise that yoga promotes sleep, if you could only do one asana tonight before bed to ensure a pleasant night’s sleep, we recommend Balasana Yoga posture.

Many individuals use yoga to help them sleep better, and the Balasana Yoga practice is one of the finest yoga poses for people who struggle with sleep. According to studies, practicing yoga before bedtime helps you fall asleep faster and also ensures that you receive a good night’s sleep each night. Before we learn how to practice it, let us look a little more into this Balasana Child Pose Benefits before sleep stance.

What is Child Pose / Balasana ?

Balasana, also called Child Pose, sleeping asana, or Sharnagat Mudra is not as simple as it appears. However, the Balasana Child Pose Benefits and the outcomes achieved via Balasana yoga practice are overwhelming. If you’re looking for a yoga practice that will help you sleep better at night, this is the one for you because it calms the mind, helps you relax, and massages the abdominal organs. Balasana yoga stance is extremely beneficial for stretching the spine, releasing excess energy, and relaxing the mind and body, which is why it is the ideal sleeping asana. This is why people all across the world suggest yoga for better sleep.

Top 10 Amazing Health Benefits of Balasana Child Pose

1. Properly soothes the mind:

Placing the forehead (specifically, the third eye or the space between your brows) on a yoga mat has an immediate calming impact on the brain. With eyes closed, the forward fold of the body delivers a signal to the nervous system, promoting emotions of protection, peace, and relaxation. It is a fantastic yoga pose that enables you in finding a place of relaxation in the midst of your mind’s racing ideas.

2. Improve your Digestive fire:

This Balasana daily practice can effectively improve the Digestion of the body. Balasana performed with the stomach on top of the thighs massages the internal organs and aids with digestion. The posture’s long and deep inhales and exhales bring the abdomens into the legs and gently push them back in gentle repeated motions. Child position, when practiced repeatedly, strengthens the digestive tract and helps alleviate acidity.

3. Strengthens and lengthens the lower back:

Extended sitting at a desk or prolonged standing can cause compression in the lower back. This occurs when we carry our entire body weight on our lower backs and do not use our lower abdominal muscles during the day. Folding the legs backward quickly corrects the tailbone scrunching that contributes to lower back pain. Child position stretches and opens up the lower back area effectively.  

4. Opens the posterior:

Similar to your lower back, your hips may be a victim of an unhealthy lifestyle. Prolonged sitting on a chair tightens all the muscles in and around the hips. By splitting your knees wider than your hips and allowing your tummy to lie in between them in a child pose, you can give your hips a revitalizing stretch. The approach improves in relieving hip pain and maintaining the posterior’s health.

5. Excellent for releasing fatigue:

At the end of the day, an overworked body becomes completely exhausted. Child pose is a safe and effective way to alleviate all types of bodily exhaustion. The forward fold of the body and focused breath serve in releasing all of the body’s stresses and takes the body into a state of relaxation.

6. Positively affects blood circulation:

Daily practice of Balasana pose has a lot of health benefits. Increased blood circulation is also one of them, as it facilitates optimal organ function and overall well-being.

7. Extends the Shoulders and Ankles:

The Child posture stretches the arms and ankles effectively, thereby improving their joint mobility and flexibility. Increased flexibility prevents the ankles and shoulders from damage.

8. Strengthens the knee ligaments:

The knee ligaments contribute to the alignment of the joints and bind to the bone. Without strong ligaments, the knee joints will be too weak, leading to various health problems. Balasana gradually relaxes and tightens the tendons and ligaments of the knees throughout practice.

9. It aids in the fight against insomnia:

The child pose is a relaxing yoga technique that relaxes the mind and relieves neck and shoulder stiffness. It assists a person in sleeping well by relieving stress out from the mind and other portions of the body.

10. It rejuvenates the body:

Child posture is an excellent gentle yoga asana because it rests the full body and regulates the mind, energizing the practitioner for the remainder of the day.


Balasana is a foundational yoga position that activates the child inside. While it stretches and relaxes your body thoroughly, it also manages to make you incredibly cheerful. You can learn and practice it through our yoga training in Rishikesh. Read clearly the above article on Balasana Child Pose Benefits, it is really helpful for your body to keep it healthy.