Hawaii 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Maui

Join Niroya Yoga for a Yoga Alliance-accredited Hawaii 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Maui. Through the evaluation and implementation of yoga philosophy, you will discover your unlimited potential on this life-changing path. Look deep into the craft of professional yoga education and emerge with the conviction, techniques, and information needed to establish a career as a yoga teacher.

We will create a steady practice and apply yoga into our everyday routines throughout our moment together. You will uncover the truth behind the innovative and efficient Vinyasa Flow yoga programming that has facilitated Mangala Yoga to the top of the lovely island of Maui’s yoga scene.

You’ll leave your yoga teacher training with complete yoga postures and plenty of possibilities to develop your communication skills and empower your voice. You will graduate from this course with all of the tools necessary to begin teaching synchronized training sessions.

What will you learn in the during the Hawaii 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Maui?

Here we mentioned below some of the points which we will follow during 200 hour. So you can get the idea clearly from this paragraph. And if you any further information you want, you can call us.

  • The Flow of the Jungle (Vinyasa Flow).
  • There are eight limbs to this path.
  • Methods of meditation.
  • Pranayama is a set of breathing exercises.
  • System of Muscles and Bones.
  • Chakras, Bandhas, and Vayus are all parts of the energetic world.
  • Asana Study and Principles of Alignment.
  • Adaptive Methods.
  • sequences of vinyasa poses and breathing exercises for the body.
  • The technique of teaching.
  • Expertise in Clear and Effective Communication.
  • The perform of chanting and the worship of deities.
  • Activities of Yogic Purification.
  • Creating a Private Practice of Your Own.
  • Yoga as a Business.
  • as well as Additional Information!!


To get yourself to enrol in this 200 hour ytt course, you can share your information. Join us on this beautiful journey of yoga art with a Hawaii 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Maui course.