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We are living in an era that has seen a shift in the way yoga is not only done but also taught. This post will delve into the 10 top best online yoga teacher training programs available.

Not only will we discuss the benefits and highlights of each course, but we’ll also discuss the requirements for becoming a certified yoga instructor.

With the evolution of virtual classrooms and video course platforms, as well as some skillful positioning on the part of the Yoga Alliance to satisfy demand.

The 200 hour certification is now available not just through traditional in-person training, but also through best online yoga certification course .

Which are the best Top Online Yoga Teacher Training Courses?

If you wish to practice as a yoga instructor in India or even abroad, you can begin by enrolling in a basic yoga certification course, generally referred to as a YTT 200.

Various studios and institutes provide a variety of programs designed to further develop and teach the fundamentals of yoga, but it is primarily yoga studios that host Yoga Teacher Training courses.

There are numerous revolutionary changes that occur throughout your YTT, when it is best online yoga certification course.

Of course, one of the most significant benefits of best online ytt school is that you’ll know how to lead people and execute postures safely.

This article will cover a lot of information! The Yoga Teacher Training (YTTs) will be the core concern. We’ll begin with web training classes and then proceed on to in-person training.

Some online ytt yoga alliance seminars are Yoga Alliance-accredited, while others are not. (While the Yoga Alliance establishes an international standard, teaching yoga does not need completion of an Alliance-approved YTT!). We recommend reading the details and trying out some of the programs to see who would be the best fit for you.

The 10 Top Best Online Yoga Teacher Training Programs

  • Rishikesh Yoga Centre
  • Niroya Yoga Classes
  • East + West 200-Hour Yoga
  • Sadhana Teacher Training
  • Yoga Training With Rodney Yee & Colleen Saidman Yee
  • Yoga Tree teacher training
  • Santosha Yoga Training school
  • SAHA instructor Training
  • Heart of Yoga Teacher Training With Mark Whitwell
  • Awaken the Teacher Online YTT

How to Be a Qualified Yoga Teacher?

The Yoga Alliance, a global organization, is the benchmark for yoga teacher training qualifications. The Yoga Alliance, founded in 1997, is a non-profit professional organisation dedicated to establishing basic standards for yoga certification programs.

Several clubs and schools require yoga instructors to complete a Yoga Alliance-approved certification process, while others prefer that you merely enrol with the Alliance.

To acquire certification as a yoga instructor, you must enrol in a best online yoga teacher trainings school offering 200 hour practical learning , referred to as YTT 200.

While some institutions offer short certificate online courses, the Yoga Alliance demands a minimum of 200 hours of training to be certified.

We’ll dig deep into the new Yoga Alliance standards below, so you’ll understand exactly what you’ll be learning if you engage in a program that includes a Yoga Alliance certification.

Yoga Alliance regulations are subject to change, so we’ve provided you with the most recent requirements straight from the source!

10 Best Online Yoga Teacher Training Yoga Alliance Certified Approved

Our team spent considerable time preparing this list. Again, in contrast to the remainder of the first page of search engine results, we do not pay to include those here. We decided to make this available to students simply because we appreciate the responsibility of directing them to excellent digital yoga teacher training programs.

1. Rishikesh Yoga Course School


Program Length: 3 months 

Yoga Style/Tradition: Hatha, ashtanga, and vinyasa yoga

Yoga Alliance Approved: Yes

Why choose Rishikesh Yoga Course Institute for best online yoga training?

Here we have top online yoga teacher training certification in india. Teachers of the Rishikesh Yoga Course has a renowned authority and researcher in the field of yoga.

Many of the teachers staff have official training and study in Yoga at Swami Vivekananda Yoga University. Most of them continuing practice of Yoga and Vedanta with the Divine Life Society in Rishikesh.

At this school, we provide you with authentic Hatha, Ashtanga, and Vinyasa yoga instruction from our outstanding yoga gurus.

We are surrounded by lush foliage that is both a visual joy and a heartwarming treat. With the assistance of our dedicated teaching staff, Our yoga school is likely to provide you with the best yoga teacher training.

2. Niroya Yoga Classes


Program Length: 2.5 months

Yoga Style/Tradition: Haatha and Vinayasa Yoga

Yoga Alliance Approved: Yes

Why Go with Niroya Online Yoga Teacher Training Classes?

Niroya Yoga Classes is a well-known yoga school located in Rishikesh, India. We are members of Yoga Alliance in the United States of America, Yoga Alliance in the United Kingdom, and Yoga Alliance International.

Our institution is furnished with cutting-edge technology that enables yoga students to receive high-quality yoga learning and transformative experiences guided by our knowledgeable teachers.

Our Niroya Yoga classes delivers the best online yoga teacher training certification in India of 100, 200, 300, and 500 hours, with experienced and skilled teachers. 

The Niroya Yoga Academy is systematic in its education, and its syllabus includes an in-depth study of Vinayasa, Haatha, Ashtanga, Niroya Yoga TTC, Yoga Theory, Yoga Anatomy, Concentration, Pranayama, Symmetry & Modification, and the entire yoga technique.

3. East + West 200-Hour Yoga


Program Length: 10 weeks

Yoga Style/Tradition: Hatha & Vinyasa

Yoga Alliance Approved: Yes

Why choose East + West Training if looking for best online ytt?

The East+West digital sessions are held entirely live by teachers from India and the United States. Qualified foreign teachers teach posture, sequences, and studio preparation.

Indian traditional teachers offer philosophy, meditation, and history. Maintaining authenticity with and regard for the yoga tradition and its teachings is undoubtedly one of our goals in developing a well-rounded course of study.

Moreover, this best online yoga teacher training yoga alliance certified puts a high priority on developing your own unique practice and committing to it consistently. 

4. Sadhana Teacher Training (Janet Stone)


Program Length: 10 months

Yoga Style/Tradition: Bhakti, Vinyasa

Yoga Alliance Approved: Yes

Why Select Sadhana Teacher Training?

Janet offers all that best ytt a student may wish for in a yoga instructor and spiritual advisor. She may be less well-known in the internet world, but she is a California legend.

We think that in order to be an excellent teacher, one needs to have a strong personal practice (Sadhana). Janet Stone’s instruction is possibly more focused on this concept than any other basic training available.

This training is divided into six modules, each of which focuses on personal action and how to genuinely implement these concepts.

Furthermore, the training features guest lecturers such as anatomy expert Harvey Deutch and musicians to enhance the Bhakti atmosphere for which Janet is famous.

This course encourages students to participate in the yoga class and to incorporate the principles into their daily lives.

5. Yoga Training With Rodney Yee & Colleen Saidman Yee


Program Length: 2.5 months

Yoga Style/Tradition: Hatha, Iyengar, Vinyasa

Yoga Alliance Approved: Yes

Why Choose this teacher training?

This best online yoga teacher training certification course provides an in-depth look at all aspects of yoga. In addition to the opportunity to discuss with these renowned instructors. The program begins with a five-day intensive and continues for 2.5 months with live seminars and discussions.

After completing this online yoga certification course, you will have gained experience leading Shanti-style unique classes and greater insight into how to utilise the teachings in daily life.

6. Yoga Tree teacher training


Program Length: 4 months

Yoga Style/Tradition: Hatha, Vinyasa, Iyengar, Prenatal

Yoga Alliance Approved: Yes

Why choose this training?

This course is divided into sections and delivered by various Yoga Tree teachers in San Francisco. Each instructor contributes his own flavor, specialty, and enthusiasm to the classroom. This results in a well-rounded, robust foundational and best ytt program that prepares students to accept the challenge of the teacher.

Additionally, the perk of a Yoga works education is that it is recognised throughout the United States, and there are numerous online trainings offered each year with a variety of different teachers.

7. Santosha best online yoga teacher training school


Program Length: 24 days with flexibility

Yoga Style/Tradition: Vinyasa

Yoga Alliance Approved: Yes

Why opt for this Santosha online yoga instructor training?

This is a highly adaptable program offering the best online yoga certification course that may be completed in an intense environment or on your own time. With a mix of pre-recorded course content and downloadable materials, as well as live sessions, you’ll have a team on your side the entire way. One bonus is that, upon completion of the program, you receive a free week at the studio.

8. SAHA Online Teacher Training


Time Commitment: 3-12 Months

Yoga style: Hatha

NOT Yoga Alliance Approved

Why Go with SAHA?

SAHA is a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School. Furthermore, in order to formally register with the Yoga Alliance, you must enlist the help of a person for an estimated one week of learning in order to meet the Yoga Alliance’s contact hour requirements.

This institute providing the top online yoga teacher training courses for the students with skilled staff of trainers.

9. Heart of Yoga Online Teacher Training with Mark Whitwell


Program Length: Self-paced, broken into 3 modules

Yoga Style/Tradition: Hatha

Yoga Alliance Approved: No

Why Select this training?

This is not your typical 200 hour teacher training, but an in-depth exploration of the core of yoga! This seminar provides an opportunity to study with and learn from a great yoga master!

Heart of Yoga’s online education is a simplified expression of the school’s essence, from its early forms to present times.

It promises to prepare you with self-practice tools and to cultivate proficient yoga instructors in every community on Earth.

10. Awaken the Yoga Teacher Training Course


Program Length: 3 months (14 weeks)

Yoga Style/Tradition: Vinyasa

Yoga Alliance Approved: Yes

Why go with this training?

Noah Mazé, the founder of The Mazé Method, is renowned for his clear and effective grasp of the human body and his help in bringing anatomy and biomechanics to life in yoga practice.

He and Rocky collaborate to create a productive learning environment and the availability of technology necessary to become a skilled, bold, and considerate teacher for all.

This course is best online yoga teacher training certification and is one of the most precise programs. It is available for learning about the human body and how to apply that information as a yoga teacher.


This curriculum is specially designed for people who want to deepen their knowledge of yoga and meditation. It will assist you in strengthening your relationship with your own spiritual self, insight, and internal awareness.

This yoga instructor training is based on the concept of Yoga and Tantra and are intended to meet you anywhere you go in life and inspire you to reach your full potential.

I hope this blog will be helpful for you to gain maximum knowledge about the best picks for Online Yoga Teacher Training (YTT).


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