Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh

Pregnancy can be an emotionally and physically challenging period and yoga has proven helpful for pregnant women. Prenatal Yoga is a wonderful way of preparing for and beyond childbirth.

That’s why the Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh course is best for the person who wants to excel in giving pregnancy yoga classes.

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh

You can begin to teach Pregnancy Yoga class all around the world when the program has been successfully completed. It is up to you when to complete the certified course. Niroya yoga centre with 10 years of teaching experience has designed this premium online curriculum.

You can become a certified and trusted instructor through our professional Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh course according to your schedule.

Here in this article, we have discussed important information you should know before starting your journey in this particular training. You can also take other yoga teacher training offered by our Niroya Yoga Center. So read carefully all the details below:

85 hours of Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) Rishikesh

This complete, 85-hour Yoga Alliance Professional course enables educators to strengthen their skills to effectively and safely serve their prenatal group while boosting their brand value as yoga instructor. Some of our primary features on our prenatal yoga teacher training session.

  • Learn quickly: Extensive training of 85 hours
  • Be a Teacher with certification: Get the Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Certificate approved globally
  • Study according to your speed: Having the facility of the prenatal yoga online education system. 
  • Access unlimited: Access the course through a lifetime.

What you will get in this Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh Program?

Below is an outline of what you will learn in the 85-hour yoga teacher training course on pregnancy yoga.

  • Yoga pregnancy classes and their advantages
  • Pregnant woman Yogic Philosophy
  • How do I create content for class and use objects?
  • Basics for the specific anatomy of pregnancy
  • Advanced prenatal asanas modifications
  • Several other hormone phases
  • How can I build a system for various kinds of bodies?
  • Changes and adjustments to Asana
  • Guidance on safety for specific problems during pregnancy
  • Applications correctly used during pregnancy
  • Progressed sequence
  • Practical help during pregnancy
  • Special exercises for calm and relax
  • Prenatal yoga from business aspects

Goals of this Prenatal Teacher Training course

  • The journey through pregnancy, birth and afterborn care is supported by yoga and holistic support.
  • Learn to teach pre and afterborn yoga that is restorative and psychologically sensitive
  • Know how to adjust poses safely for every trimester
  • Understand pregnancy anatomy and physiology
  • Study Eastern as well as Western mind, body and intellectual perspectives
  • Be guided by qualified and verified field teachers
  • Heal your birth experience and understand it
  • Holistically  examine changes in hormones and energy 
  • Discover your voice and unique abilities in teaching
  • Find a clear picture of the amazing birth miracles


If you learn to help expectant mothers by guiding them to do pregnancy yoga poses, this prenatal yoga course will be the best choice for you. 

You can join us on this wonderful Prenatal yoga teacher training Rishikesh course to become a prenatal yoga instructor. 

For more information on this course, you can contact us with the provided number.