Yoga Teacher Training Dayton Ohio

Are you looking for Yoga instructing training in Dayton? Here Niroya is offering the Yoga Teacher Training Dayton Ohio program for you.

This is the program with the opportunity to get the master training with the experienced trainers and go on the path of self discovery.

You will have chance to get delve deep into yoga tradition covering all aspects of yoga. This course includes intensive training and practice of yoga which takes place within the beauty of nature.

This curriculum is designed in such a way so it is able to fulfil of all the requirements of yoga training course.

Feautres of Yoga Teacher Training Dayton Ohio Program

  • This course will provide learners with the necessary context for instructing yoga and meditation appropriately, effectively, and insightfully through its comprehensive and hands-on curriculum.
  • You will learn the strategies and skills necessary to promote the yoga message worldwide.
  • This course is appropriate for anyone interested in teaching yoga as well as those seeking expand their understanding and practise of mindfulness and meditation.
  • You will earn a 200-hour certificate upon completion of the course and will be eligible to join Yoga Alliance, the world’s largest yoga teacher validation organisation.
  • Furthermore, you can enrol in a 300- or 500-hour advanced yoga teacher education programme with this curriculum.
  • Students will have easy access to yoga lessons at Niroya Yoga Classes during the teacher training programme.
  • Students will receive ongoing training and mentoring from a highly qualified and experienced teacher.

Syllabus for this Yoga Teacher Training Dayton Ohio Course

  • Yoga Pose Balance Fundamentals, Advantages, and Associated Risks.
  • Anatomy and Physiology of Yoga.
  • Adjustments for Essential Asanas & Equipment Uses.
  • Adaptive Sequencing: Science and Energetics (Vinyasa Krama).
  • Healing and Relaxing Techniques That Are Easy (Savasana & Yoga Nidr).
  • Yogic breathing is the practise of inhaling and exhaling.
  • Corrections made physically and verbally.
  • The Art of Monitoring while Seeing Bodies.
  • Discovering Your True Voice.
  • Yogic and Tantric Theory in their Ancient Forms.
  • Ayurveda: An Introduction
  • The Subtle Body — Koshas, Chakras, Doshas, Nadis, and Prana Vayus Introduction
    A lesson on Sanskrit.
  • Entrepreneur: Trade, Values, and Spirituality


You can join us on this yoga teacher training, by sharing some of your important information. If any query, you can contact us.

Regiester today with this Yoga Teacher Training Dayton Ohio course to make wonderful career in yoga.