Yoga Teacher Training in Duluth Minnesota

Are you also seeking for the opportunity that makes difference in your life and career. Here Niroya providing that chance in form of Yoga Teacher Training in Duluth Minnesota.

If you want to prepare for next level in your yoga journey then it is also good chance to do that. In this course, you will be ready for your further journey physically as well as mentally.

You will trained here how to give your own yoga classes confidently and strategically. They have good space to practice yoga sessions and various postures included in it. So to learn with us, join today.

Why to opt for Yoga Teacher Training in Duluth Minnesota?

  • Know to instruct Yoga Poses effectively, build flexibility & power with our distinctive Hatha Flow (Ashtanga / Iyengar Influenced) curriculum. Just use it as a powerful base for any style.
  • Gain knowledge to use Anatomy & Physiology, Yogic breathing, Subtle body – Chakra activation and Theory of Yoga to your Yoga Posture sequence safely and efficiently.
  • Explore internal serenity with our powerful Holistic Meditation Practice and educate to share this blessing to everyone.
  • Practice Ayurveda 101 with a focus on diet (particularly on prana-rich meals) and health habits.
  • Discover true Yogic practices and boldly integrate all this into your Yoga wisdom lectures. Kirtan, Puja, Sanskrit & more.

Course curriculum for Yoga Teacher Training in Duluth Minnesota

Here is the list of yoga lessons you are going to learn in this series of yoga training.

  • The Philosophy of Yoga in its entirety
  • Yoga’s eight limbs and their origins
  • Adjustments and repositioning of postures
  • Mantras and other forms of meditation
  • How to support and supervise students while they are enrolled in classes
  • Bandhas and Pranayama are two terms that are frequently used in conjunction with one another.
  • Process of Shatkarma
  • Information on Ayurveda and nutrition.
  • Yoga’s structure and physiology
  • Acquaint yourself with the various asanas through anatomical yoga poses.


If you are really want to make your career as yoga teacher, then this course is best choice for you. Come and enrol yourself for this wonderful Yoga Teacher Training in Duluth Minnesota.