Yoga Teacher Training in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Want to learn the yoga techniques with expert yoga gurus? Then you can join us on the journey of Yoga Teacher Training in Puerto Vallarta Mexico.

You will be eligible in educating the people regarding the yoga and its concepts after attending the particular yoga program.

In this course, you will cover the all the important concepts such pranayama, Asanas, yoga and its history. Get the proper guidance under the supervision of yoga gurus.

So, if you are also thinking about begin your career in yoga, then register yourself for this yoga tutor course with Niroya yoga classes.

Benefits of yoga teacher training in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

So here are a few aspects that prove how this course will benefit and improve your life.

  • With the guidance of qualified instructors and gurus, you can gain a deeper understanding of yoga and its teachings.
  • This training will provide you with a solid base in yoga and its application.
  • You can enrol in an additional curricular class to address your concern.
  • Intensive training combined with instruction on how to deliver your own course.
  • Having access to additional materials absolutely free to help you better your learning.

Topics includes in this yoga teacher training in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

We have compiled a list of the subjects we will cover throughout this yoga instructor training course.

  • Yoga’s history and philosophy
  • Methodology of instruction: How to educate people and use the techniques
  • Yoga Asanas: A variety of yoga poses also contain proper alignment and corrections alterations.
  • Concepts from physiology and anatomy can aid in synchronization Mindfulness, Yoga, and Bandhas.
  • Yoga’s values and concepts.
  • How to properly utilize diverse tools while conducting yoga poses and meditation
  • Learn the eight limbs of yoga and various yoga types such as children’s and restorative yoga.


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Join us with this program of yoga teacher training in Puerto Vallarta Mexico.