Yoga Teacher Training Indianapolis Indiana

If you are the person who is new to this field of yoga or seeking advanced training, then yoga teacher training Indianapolis Indiana Program is for you.

Yoga is all about the practice and learning the modification of asanas accordingly. You will get proper training through our experienced and skilled mentors.

Yoga Teacher Training Indianapolis Indiana

This training will provide you all the equipments and necessary tools which make you capable of delivering your own classes.

If you really wish to transform all your life and to get the extraordinary experience, then this training can become the path for it.

What are the Features of Yoga Teacher Training Indianapolis Indiana program?

Those Students will complete this Yoga Teacher Training course will get various advantages through the training.

  • You will get the chance to interact with our skilled and highly experienced gurus of yoga.
  • This course will help students to form firm foundation.
  • Practically learn the instructions techniques for delivering your own classes independently with confidence.
  • Get extra yoga material that will enhance your knowledge about yoga.

Course Curriculum for Indianapolis Yoga Teacher Training in Indiana

We here shared a list of topics which we will learn through this yoga instructing course.

  • Introduction of Yoga and its basics
  • History and philosophy of yoga
  • How to instruct: teaching methods and techniques
  • Different types of yoga asanas and their modifications
  • Anatomy and physiology in yoga to understand the poses
  • Pranayama and meditation with Bandhas
  • Ethics and principles of yoga required in the profession of trainer
  • Use of different tools while performing the yoga asanas and pranayama
  • Eight limbs of Yoga as described in the Patanjali’s yoga sutras.
  • Modification and alignment in the yoga postures
  • Mudras and its importance while doing asanas and pranayama


If you are also seeking for the great learning and teachings techniques in the yoga, then you can apply for this yoga instructor training course.

It will be the best path to discover this life changing journey. So come and join today our wonderful Yoga Teacher Training Indianapolis Indiana program.