Best Yoga Teacher Training Merida Mexico

Yoga Teacher Training Merida Mexico: Yoga classes in Merida Mexico is a prominent location for yoga and is among the safest cities in the world to practise yoga.


With world-best instructors, partnered with a unique location, and a vast variety of training, Yoga training is a perfect location to settle down from weeks to a month to immerse yourself to know more about yoga.

Maybe it is mostly about yourself or to ultimately instruct. Let’s check about this training in this blog article.

Why join Niroya Yoga Classes for Yoga Teacher Training Merida Mexico course?

Here is some major information about what we are going to get through this training. Following is the information.

  • This Mexico yoga teacher training programme teaches a non-denominational type of yoga that incorporates the best aspects of several yoga traditions. Namely Yin yoga, Vinyasa flow yoga, Dharma yoga, and Ashtanga yoga.
  • You will get coaching during your yoga classes in Merida Mexico on how to promote yourself as a qualified yoga instructor.
  • The programme covers classes on the marketing of yoga, as well as continuing assistance.
  • This 200 hour intensive yoga teacher training programme follows Yoga Alliance guidelines.
  • And is restricted to the small number of students.
  • Upon successful completion of the Yoga Teacher Training Merida Mexico, Niroya Yoga Institute 200 Hour Teaching Certificate will be awarded.
  • Students who successfully finish their successive training are entitled to join as Certified Yoga Teachers with Yoga Alliance.
  • You will develop the ability to teach yoga with precise alignment, with an emphasis on heartfelt presence.
  • This programme will assist you in developing and nurturing your unique teaching style.

Curriculum for Yoga Teacher Training Merida Mexico

Niroya yoga classes in Merida Mexico adhere to and implement the Yoga Alliance’s minimum standards for teacher training:

We have a list of some topics which we will be going to learn during this course.

  • Asanas, easy relaxation techniques, mantras, and sitting and moving meditation (100 hours). These hours involve both instruction in and practice of the methods.
  • The technique of instruction (20 hours): Presentation, analysis, providing assistance, education, teaching methods, instructor characteristics, the student’s learning process, and honing communication skills.
  • (20 hours) Anatomy and physiology: Both physical anatomy and physiology of biological systems, organs, and so on, and also subtle/pranic human biology (chakras, nadis, etc.).
  • Psychology, morality, and culture (30 hours): Study of yoga texts (morals for yoga teachers), ‘yogic living,’ honesty, and self-introspection. studying.
  • Practical (15 hours): Includes academic tasks along with monitoring and assisting in other instructors’ classes. Hours may be split between supervised and unsupervised work.
  • (30 hours) electives: Additional electives selected from other categories, such as natural diet and health


For any query on the yoga instructor training, you can contact us. Join our Yoga Teacher Training Merida Mexico.

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