Yoga Teacher Training Mexico

Niroya Yoga Classes offers a one-of-a-kind Yoga Teacher Training Mexico programme for men and women interested in teaching lessons Kundalini Vinyasa Yoga with pranayama and meditation.

Yoga Teacher Training Mexico

This 200-hour yoga course will help you improve your training by immersing yourself in the ancient philosophy of Kundalini and other forms of Yoga, the path of awakened mind freedom, and the historical origins of Hatha yoga as documented in traditional Hatha yoga scriptures.

Characteristics of Yoga Teacher Training programs Mexico

We have discussed some points which are helpful for everyone going to start this journey of vinyasa yoga teacher training in Mexico.

  • Every day yoga sessions are conducted twice.
  • Develop the ability to construct logical and effective vinyasas.
  • Workshops on tantric mindfulness.
  • After completion, students are eligible to apply with Yoga Alliance.
  • Acquire knowledge about prana vidya (healing technique based on tantra traditions).
  • Lodging for days while the program is in privately owned or double sharing rooms.
  • Conceptual and applied aspects of Kashmir Shaivaism.
  • Meals for vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores.

What will you get from this Yoga Teacher Training in Mexico?

  • This Kundalini yoga teacher training Mexico course introduces students to the practice of yoga through the use of energy and consciousness manipulation.
  • The primary yoga style taught is Hatha with Vinyasa. This mixes fluid movements with the calm and alignment associated with Hatha yoga.
  • Additionally, the practises involve holding asanas for extended periods to experience a more profound energetic activation and to open the body to larger experiences of awareness and superior consciousness worlds.
  • These teachings are delivered in a devotional manner to integrate science with the path of the heart. The training is a voyage into ancient arts on a sacred level.
  • The training places a strong emphasis on prana vidya, the ancient science of prana manipulation, which is not widely available nowadays.
  • Additionally, you will study cleaning kriyas to purify the mind and strengthen your ability to remain centred and present in life during the programme.
  • Profound mindfulness meditation practice will provide you with a unique opportunity to open the energy of your entire body.


You can ask if any queries related to yoga instructor training. Join this effective Yoga Teacher Training in Mexico.