Yoga Teacher Training Montezuma Costa Rica

Searching for the best professional Yoga Teacher Training Montezuma in Costa Rica. If this is right, then you are near to your destiny.

Niroya Yoga School is providing great services in this field of yoga.

Find your path and experience personal transformation. Whether you want to deepen your yoga practice or learn to teach and guide others on a journey to self-discovery.

You will have a rare opportunity to dive deep into your own practice, gain insight into yourself, and experience profound transformational wisdom.

Our Yoga Alliance-Approved Certification Program offers education from mentors and scholars who are at the top of their field, many of which hold Masters Degrees or Higher in their craft.

What will you learn at Niroya through this Yoga Teacher Training Montezuma Costa Rica?

Here we are discussing the topics which you will be going to get through this instructor training in Montezuma, Costa Rica Workshop.

  • Perfect form in yoga positions, including verbal and “hands-on” adjustments that are both safe and effective.
  • Course scheduling and appropriate teaching techniques for all body types.
  • How to incorporate supports into your yoga practice.
  • Yoga is a philosophy of yoga that can be followed both on and off the mat.
  • Anatomy from Masters of Anatomy who are yogis.
  • Meditation Techniques.
  • Practices of Pranayama (Breathing).
  • Promotion of your classes.
  • Additional information regarding your personal practice.
  • The tuition includes extra query classes, which are a mandatory component of the training.
  • Hands-on teaching experience with a coach.

These are all the facilities you will get while you cover the instructor training with Niroya Yoga Classes.


For more information on the yoga teacher training, you can contact us at any time. You can share your information for further procedures.

Gain as much as information you need to start this training course. Niroya Team is available for you.

Begin your wonderful journey of this art of yoga with us, enrol today in this Yoga Teacher Training Montezuma Costa Rica program.