Yoga Teacher Training New York City

Looking for the training for yoga teacher in New York City , USA. Then, here the Niroya yoga classes offering the same Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training New York City program is for those seeking to develop and intensify their knowledge of Ashtanga yoga.

This serves as both a strength training exercise and a goal for interacting with ourselves and community members who are curious about who we are.

And realising that we can just let go of the issues that keep us from being our most truthful selves.

Additionally, this affordable yoga teacher training nyc lays the groundwork for an understanding of the perfect position, energetics, and healing properties of particular asanas in the Ashtanga Beginner to Advanced Series and how to safely lead a class of students of different scales through a beginner and expansive extent Ashtanga Class.

We welcome you to join us if you are willing to increase your knowledge of Ashtanga Yoga and master the principles of instructing led Ashtanga-style yoga courses.

Features of Yoga Teacher Training New York City Course are as following:

  • Students are required to maintain consistent practice with Niroya’s yoga instructor course throughout the training.
  • Students will be asked to keep a diary during the program.
  • It includes completing all prescribed literature, practical, and all written tests.
  • It instructed kriya and guided meditation and conducted asana classes in training.
  • And submit a full assessment and self-reflection.
  • Additionally, trainees are highly recommended to maintain a yogic and Vedic lifestyle during the training.
  • Get all your certificate after completing the program for the duration.
  • This yoga instructing training provides you with the tools that will helpful for you to proceed your class.

Topics During the Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training New York City Course

  • An overview of the concept of Ashtanga yoga
  • The yamas and niyamas of yoga
  • The origins of Ashtanga and the components of a conventional Mysore technique.
  • An Introduction to Ayurveda.
  • Daily Ayurvedic practice and exercise.
  • Anatomy and physical studies are included.
  • An Introduction to Vedic Recitation.
  • Morphology of the subtle body.
  • Yogic nutrition.
  • Posture training during periods, childbirth, and post-pregnancy healing.
  • Orientation to teaching: speed, voice modulation, and linguistic hints.


In the above post, we thoroughly described the yoga teacher training in NYC. If you still have any questions regarding this teacher course, you can get in touch with us. Starting your journey as a yoga instructor? Enrol yourself in this Yoga Teacher Training New York City session.

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