Yoga Teacher Training Puerto Viejo Costa Rica

Yoga Teacher Training Puerto Viejo Costa Rica: Are you willing to take on the strenuous and rigorous coursework of Self-Study and introspection? Want to extend your communication skills in order to educate many people about beautiful art?

If you are fully committed to living the practice of yoga asana and philosophy, our yoga teacher training programs might be the right platform for you!

Explore right through the heart and soul of yoga with us in an authentic and natural environment nestled into the gorgeous forest. Join the adventure journey with all of us!

Why go with Niroya Yoga Classes for Yoga Teacher Training Puerto Viejo Costa Rica Program?

We encourage people from throughout the world in completing with a firm grasp on the fundamentals of yoga and thorough knowledge of their chosen course! Alumni of our courses can be available in nearly every country and in a wide variety of settings!

  • The combination of modern scientific discoveries and richness of spiritual experience.
  • Exercises of structural equilibrium.
  • Accessibility, diversity, and easy-going sequencing.
  • A well-balanced, comprehensive, and in-depth curriculum.
  • A technique focused on the eight limbs.
  • Systems of support, continuous interaction, and training.
  • Investigation of how yogis appear even off the mat as well as in the world.
  • It gives time for introspection.

What includes in the Yoga Teacher Training Puerto Viejo Costa Rica curriculum?

There are many aspects of yoga that we will cover during this yoga training course. Here is the list of the following:

  • Yoga Asanas and their orientation
  • Pranayama and meditation practices
  • Mudras and their benefits in yoga
  • Yoga philosophy and anatomy
  • Ethics and principles of yoga
  • Teaching and educating techniques


For any information on this Puerto Viejo yoga teacher training, you can ask anytime. Hurry up! Join today our effective Yoga Teacher Training Puerto Viejo Costa Rica for great offers with early registration.