Yoga Teacher Training Queens New York

If you are looking for the Yoga Instructor training in Queens, New York that helps you discover all your potential, then Yoga teacher training Queens New York Program is for you.

This is an extensive program that provides tools to their students to share their knowledge and skills. You can have great exploration of the various aspects of yoga.

It is the course which make you eligible to take your own class with unique styles. We will cover different topics such as meditation techniques, anatomy and philosophy, pranayama.

We will also learn the ethics and values need to become a professional yoga trainer.

Why to Join Niroya Yoga Classes for Yoga teacher training Queens New York Program?

There are some points how Niroya Yoga Classes can be beneficial for you. Here is the list:

  • Through this Yoga instructor training, you will be able to create your own classes.
  • You can build here the strong foundation in the core topics such as Yoga philosophy and concept of anatomy.
  • Develop all your skills such interacting with the students, presenting your work and managing the class.
  • Various techniques to perform pranayama and asanas with modification.
  • How to deliver the yoga class to different groups of people such as children, pregnant yoga and senior citizens.
  • Designing the Yoga classes for students.
  • Availability of yoga workshops for extra activity and classes.
  • Get the proper certification after completing the program for required duration.

Syllabus for Yoga teacher training Queens New York Course

Our modern approach to yoga emphasizes security and balance while remaining conscious of traditional practices and values.

Recognize how to teach well while maintaining your own distinct teaching personality and attitude. Participation in a teacher-training programme is a fantastic way to deepen your understanding of your yoga practice and abilities.

We would be glad if you could contact us for one of our courses. Your life actually begins right now. Make it extraordinary!

Here is the list of the course topics details:

  • Sequencing and modification in a variety of ways.
  • Asanas and their proper alignment.
  • Yoga’s philosophy.
  • Yoga’s anatomy.
  • Physiology of Yoga.
  • Practices of meditation and pranayaama.
  • Assisting with difficult poses.
  • Awareness of a yoga trainer’s ethical responsibility.


Yoga trainer is good profession to pursue. If you are finding the great learning place for it, then yoga instructor training of Niroya class is for you.

Join today our amazing journey of Yoga Teacher Training Queens New York Program. We would be happy to start this yoga journey with you.