Yoga Teacher Training Santa Fe | New Mexico

Niroya’s Yoga Teacher Training Santa Fe Curriculum is for individuals looking to experience the entire possibility and scope of Yoga as a living art, and also for those who believe in becoming or are considering become, a Yoga teacher.

Yoga Teacher Training Santa Fe

The process started with a five-day enjoyment at the Yoga Retreat Center, just outside of city NM, where you will gain a powerful understanding of the Yogic culture. This includes training of asana, pranayama, and contemplation with our professional trainer.

What you will learn during this Yoga Teacher Training Santa Fe NM?

The focus of our programme is on in-depth, hands-on learning and applying. Your professors will be around to assist and coach you throughout your training. This enables you to pursue new levels of intelligence and performance in your yoga poses, pranayama, mindfulness, consciousness, and instructional methods.


Our course stresses learning and implementing three basic parts of the Yoga poses, in addition to the normal in-depth practise.

Alignment: Learning the orientation concepts of each yoga practice as a road map can help you identify the unhindered movement of energy and optimal therapeutic effects for your brain, heart, and breathing.

Activities: Displaying a thorough understanding of how to perform the asana properly for maximum advantage and beneficial effects.

While adopting the precise procedures, one should pay attention to one’s inner consciousness.
We will go through the technical aspects of alignment, as well as the phases, levels, and changes that can be used to assist each person reach a gratifying and appropriate practise.

Deep breathing:

Our curriculum will assist you in learning to recognise and comprehend basic respiratory rate for yourself and many other. In particular, one will be able to execute, show, and teach the practises of ujjayi, nadi shodhana, kapalabhati, and bhramari in a consistent manner.

Chanting of Mantras:

At the introduction of each session, you will study invocation hymns, healing chants, and the real meaning of Om.


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