Yoga Teacher Training Sedona

The Yoga Teacher Training Sedona programme at Niroya Yoga Classes includes a complete, immersive study of the art and science of Yoga. and hence the sister disciplines of Medicine and Jyotisha (the Vedic science of the planets and their impact on our psychobiology).

Yoga Teacher Training Sedona

Participants will get real training in traditional yogic theory, Hatha Yoga, Yogic breathing, and the Eight Limbs of Yoga as revealed by Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, as well as an orientation to additional lessons from selected classic Tantric writings.

The Niroya Yoga Teacher Training’s major objective is to integrate the Eastern science and art of Yoga with Western science of perception and reality.

We hope to arouse a great need for consciousness and enlightenment through this art. Our learners develop a long-lasting individual technique and a vast experience from which to instruct from the roots of this groundwork.

What you will learn during Yoga Teacher Training Sedona in Arizona Course?

Following are some topics which you will cover during your course:

Techniques, Education, and Application of yoga forms:

  • Principles of yoga and asanas
  • learn mantras in the Sanskrit language

Instructions methods

  • How to teach your students
  • Develop your training technique
  • Teach confidence in the groups

Anatomy and Physiology

  • Anatomy and philosophy of yoga concepts
  • Basics of physical structure’
  • Overview of body systems
  • Movements in yoga asanas
  • advanced learning in yoga

Lifestyle and principles for yoga teachers

  • Ethics of yoga for trainers
  • Ayurvedic and Vedic texts
  • Mythology in yoga theory
  • History and current scenario of yoga
  • Patanjali Yoga sutras

Practical and training

  • Group classes training
  • weekly training of teaching with different sizes of groups
  • Reading of assignments weekly

These all the above-mentioned topics you will learn and get the courage to teach your class confidently.


If looking for the best professional yoga teacher training course, then you are in right place. Niroya Yoga offers this best opportunity for you to start your journey as a yoga teacher. So, Join our Yoga Teacher Training Sedona az.