Yoga Teacher Training Texas

Are you finding professional Yoga Teacher Training in Texas, USA? Niroya Yoga Classes is delivering the best yoga instructor training with the strong foundations that you need to start your career in this field.

Our training is certified with the yoga alliance. We cover all aspects of yoga such as yoga sutras, asanas, mudras, anatomy, principles and values of yoga.

If you want to get the training from an expert, you are in right place. We have experienced and knowledgeable trainers for our students.

Let’s have a look at what you are getting from this particular yoga instructor training.

Objectives of this Yoga Teacher Training Texas course at Niroya

We here mentioned some important points which we get at Niroya Yoga Classes. These are the following below:

  • Increase the depth of your current yoga practice and/or understanding of yoga.
  • Equip you with self-confidence and teaching abilities.
  • Assist you in finding YOUR words.
  • Beyond the physical advantages, grasp the spirit of yoga.
  • All through the course, offer a chance for learners to experience teaching.

With these features of yoga teacher training hours, you will get the most out of it. These make the firm base of your career in yoga.

Courses Syllabus of this Yoga Teacher Training Texas, USA

Lists of topics we mentioned below which we will learn through this training.

  • Asanas with proper alignment and orientation
  • History and changes in yoga with the time
  • Chakras system of the body
  • Mudras, Pranayama, Meditation
  • Principles and ethics of yoga
  • Different workshops while the course
  • How to grow your yoga training work
  • Philosophy and ideals of yoga culture.

All these basics we will cover during this practice yoga teacher training for educators.


If have any queries related to this yoga teacher training, you can contact us. Get the best version of yourself from our Yoga Teacher Training Texas Program.