Yoga Teacher Training Tulum Mexico

Yoga Teacher Training Tulum Mexico: Begin a life-changing journey by devoting yourself to the practice of yoga and working toward becoming an ethical and motivated yoga instructor and presenter.

Our globally certified programme enables students to investigate yoga far beyond asana and the significance of a career in teaching.

Through group conversations, interactive experiments, and also more, you will get the chance to learn from professors who represent the Oriented Flow Method.

This is your opportunity to improve your engagement with your own work while continuing on a new path toward certification as an Aligned Flow teacher.

Come with us for a life-changing program and take the first step on your journey.

What you will learn in this Yoga Teacher Training Tulum Mexico?

Here are some important points which will give you brief information about what you will learn from the class.

  • Discover the Aligned Flow Technique’s basics.
  • Yoga philosophy as a living heritage for the contemporary yogi.
  • pranayama, breathing exercises, and mindfulness intro
  • Yoga anatomy and why we prefer human posture over yoga balance.
  • Know how to identify minor changes in posture and movements and why this is critical for your learners.
  • Investigate the Aligned Flow Method of cueing, dissect existing and prevalent cueing approaches, and understand how to direct open and inclusive programmes that give students with an achieving sustainability.
  • vinyasa and the art of coaching students through conscious, logical transitions.
  • Laboratories for class design and sequencing studies.
  • Practical exercises to build confidence and leadership abilities.
  • Discover how, why, and when to incorporate intelligent aiding, modifying, and altering.
  • Investigate methods for assisting learners with the chance to offer accessories during training and instruction.
  • Aligned Yoga Business, developing the yoga experience and real marketing abilities necessary to sustain a profession.
  • An introduction to yin and restorative yoga.
  • The art of performing a proper savasana.
  • A donation-based, group-led graduation session to commemorate the lessons you have learnt along the way.


You can contact us for any query related to this yoga teacher training course. Join this yoga teacher training Tulum Mexico.